Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the policy on outside food at the different venues?

There is to be no outside food and drink brought into any facility throughout the tournament. Coolers and outside food and drink should be left outside the buildings. Team "buffets" will have to be set up outside the buildings, in parking lots, etc. Players and coaches are allowed to bring water bottles and we simply ask that you help clean-up after yourselves along the way

+ Are personal chairs permitted/needed?

You are allowed to bring your own chairs into most venues (not Patrick Henry HS), however they will not always be needed as many sites will have bleachers available. Chairs will likely be permitted anywhere without bleacher seating.

+ Are there directions to the sites?

The website will include addresses for each individual site. All sites are within 10-15 minutes of each other this year and there is sufficient time to travel to and from the different sites between waves.

+ How many teams are you expecting at the Shamrock Festival?

We will accept up to 90 teams in the 18’s division, up to 90 teams in the 16’s division, and up to 64 teams in the 14’s division. Teams are allowed to play up one age group, so 13’s can play 14’s, 15’s can play 16’s, and 17’s can play 18’s. To clarify, a 14’s team is not allowed to register as a 15’s team in order to play 16’s, nor can a 16’s team register as a 17’s team in order to play 18’s.

+ What is the tournament format?

The 18’s and 16’s divisions will each have seeded 3-team pools and wave through 3 rounds of pool play. The 18’s division 3-team pools will begin on Saturday at 8am, 2pm, and 8pm with playoffs starting no earlier than 11am on Sunday. The 16’s division 3-team pools will begin on Saturday at 11am and 5pm and on Sunday at 8am with playoffs starting no earlier than 12:00 noon on Sunday. The 14’s division will have seeded 4-team pools and wave through 2 rounds of pool play. The first 4-team pool will be from 8am-2pm on Saturday and the second 4-team pool will start from 5pm-8pm on Saturday and finish up from 8a-11am on Sunday with playoffs starting no earlier than 12:00 noon.

+ What can you tell me about the different playing sites?

There will be numerous playing sites and all of them are within 10-15 minutes of each other so there is no need to make specific hotel arrangements related to where your team will begin play. Initial pool play assignments and locations will be released online on Wednesday or Thursday before the tournament. Detailed pool play assignments for the entire tournament will be posted on the tournament website throughout the weekend and will be updated in real-time as results become available. We have again secured the 13-court Berglund Center (which will serve as the tournament headquarters) as well as the 10-court Spectrum Sports Academy (with hardwood floors), the 5-court Salem Civic Center, and other area high school and colleges.

+ What goes on Friday night at the Berglund Center?

On Friday night at the Berglund Center, we will be selling admission wrist bands, tournament t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel. This is the BEST time to purchase tournament apparel as some colors and sizes run out quickly! We will also be hosting a Recruiting Showcases for 8-12 grade girls (see Showcase tab above), a Kids’ Instructional Clinic for 6-13 year olds, and we will have a door prize drawing for a variety of gift cards and other prizes. A complete Friday night schedule is posted on the Shamrock Home Page as well.

+ Will there be a Coaches’ Meeting on Friday night?

No! Based on feedback from coaches in years past and on our own experiences at other tournaments, there will not be a mandatory Coaches’ Meeting on Friday night. All important information will be provided prior to the tournament and/or posted online. There are no required forms to be handed in at Shamrock either.

+ Are you having a Recruiting Showcase again this year?

Yes! We are holding a Recruiting Showcase on Friday night at the Berglund Center again this year for any players interested in showing their individual skills to all of the college coaches in attendance. Details on the Recruiting Showcase are posted on the Shamrock Festival website’s Showcase Page. The Showcase format will include lots of game-like drills and limited scrimmage time as our goal is to let the athletes show their skills while minimizing the risk of injury. There will be an athletic trainer available during the Showcase just in case.

+ Will tournament shirts be sold at every site during the tournament?

Tournament apparel will be sold at most but not all sites throughout the weekend but many individual playing sites will have limited sizes, colors, etc. Tournament shirts and other apparel will be sold at the Berglund Center and Spectrum Sports Academy and Salem Civic Center at all times Saturday and Sunday. Availability at other locations will depend largely on availability after Friday night sales at the Berglund Center. In order to make sure you get the t-shirt or sweatshirt color, size, and style you want, we strongly encourage everyone to come on Friday night.

+ What is the cost for spectator admission?

Admission wristbands are required for entry to all tournament sites on Saturday and Sunday (not on Friday night). Kids age 10 and under are admitted free as are Shamrock players/coaches and all college coaches. Admission wristbands cost $10 per day or $15 for a weekend wristband that is good for both days. We strongly encourage you to purchase wristbands on Friday evening at the Berglund Center if possible to avoid potentially long lines at individual sites over the weekend. If needed, please consider sending a parent or team representative on Friday evening to purchase wristbands for all of your team’s spectators. Admission wristbands are not for sale online.

+ Will officials be provided for all matches?

Paid R1’s (up refs) will be provided for all matches. The work team must provide a certified R2 (down ref), scorekeeper, libero tracker, and 2 line judges for all matches. In the finals for all playoff divisions, paid officials will be provided as both up and down refs.

+ Will concessions be sold at every site?

Concessions will be sold at many sites but are not guaranteed to be sold everywhere. There is no outside food and drinks allowed in any facilities so please plan accordingly. Please abide by all posted signs regarding food and drink or we run the risk of losing the privilege to utilize certain playing sites in the future (and your team runs the risk of not being invited back).

+ Will trainers be provided at all locations?

Athletic trainers will be available at the Berglund Center, Spectrum Sports Academy, the Salem Civic Center, and Patrick Henry HS. You may be asked to provide your own supplies or pay a nominal fee for supplies when getting ankles taped, etc. In the event of more serious injuries that require additional medical attention, please go to the nearest emergency room.

+ What happens in the event of inclement weather?

The Shamrock Festival will make every effort to continue regardless of weather. In the extremely unlikely event that the entire tournament is canceled due to bad weather, refunds will be issued to all registered teams net of all non-refundable tournament expenses (deposits for sites and equipment, etc.). Teams unable to attend due to local weather will not be given a refund if the tournament occurs.

+ What hotel should we stay in?

Hotels are being handled through our housing partner Traveling Teams this year. Click on the link on the Main Page for additional details. This is a Stay and Play event in 2019 so all non-local teams must secure their hotel block before they will be accepted. Generally speaking, each available hotel is in close proximity to the playing venues. You have 3 hours between waves so travel to the sites is rarely an issue. Please have coaches and parents staying alone block King rooms to save double rooms and rooms with pullouts for the teams.

+ What time will play end on Sunday?

Should you make it to the final match of the day, you will be scheduled to start that match no later than 5pm. However, as with any tournament, we may be slightly ahead or slightly behind schedule. In an effort to keep things on schedule again this year, we will continue to start all 25-point games at a score of 4-4.

+ What is there to do in Roanoke?

Valley View Mall is the largest mall in the Roanoke Valley. There are numerous restaurants on the property and stores in the mall include Old Navy, Hollister, Abercrombie, Gap, etc. Out-parcels include Target, Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Etc. In addition, “The Market” is located in downtown Roanoke. This is a unique “touristy” attraction where lots of jewelry, craft, and food vendors from local producers set-up on the weekends. There is also Tanglewood Mall on the southwest side of town and finally the Roanoke Star. Located on top of Mill Mountain off the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Roanoke Star is the world's largest freestanding illuminated man-made star. It is located about 5 minutes from downtown Roanoke and from the Roanoke Star, you can enjoy the scenic view of the entire Roanoke Valley. For more information about Roanoke, click HERE.