Two Weeks and Counting...

A few quick updates as we all prepare for the upcoming Shamrock Festival:

  • The Team List has been updated under the Tournament Info tab. Please verify your team’s information and let us know if anything needs correcting. We are also still accepting more 13’s, 14’s, 17’s, and 18’s teams. if interested, e-mail and/or register via AES.

  • Showcase registration is open to all 8-12 graders interested in being seen by college coaches or in simply getting Showcase experience. Check out the Showcase Page under the Recruiting Tab for more info and/or to register.

  • We are also having an Instructional Kids’ Clinic on the Friday night (3/15) of tournament weekend for boys and girls age 6-13. Check out the Kid’s Clinic Page under the Tournament Information Tab for more info and/or to register.

  • The College Coach list has been updated on the College Coaches Page under the Recruiting Tab. We now have 61 college coaches from 51 schools committed to recruit at Shamrock.

  • The Friday night schedule is also posted on the Tournament Information Page. Check it out to see everything that is going on the Friday night before the tournament.