Shamrock Festival Volleyball Tournament


Recruiting Showcase

March 9th, 2016 - Registration for the 2016 Shamrock Showcase has closed. The list of accepted participants is available along with the assigned session. To see a list of the 40+ colleges who have coaches coming to recruit at the 2016 Shamrock Festival, please click HERE.

The Shamrock Festival hosts an annual Shamrock Recruiting Showcase on the Friday night before the tournament starts on nine courts at the Berglund Center (Roanoke Civic Center). This year’s Showcase is Friday, March 11, 2016. Our Showcase provides an opportunity for college coaches to see as many athletes as possible in one location. The format consists of individual skill/drill work with an emphasis on team drills and lots of controlled PLAY facilitated by individual court coaches who will help keep everything on schedule. We want the college coaches to be able to see the players play as much as possible as that is the feedback the coaches have provided to us about this recruiting event. Each college coach in attendance on Friday night receives a free recruiting guide (both electronically and in paper form) with all the individual player information that you input online when you register. This Recruiting Showcase is open to all volleyball players in grades 9-12, so your team does not even have to be competing in the Shamrock Festival in order for you to participate in the Shamrock Showcase. There will be two sessions: Session One is from 5:30-7:15pm and Session Two is from 7:45-9:30pm. We send e-mail invitations to over 300 college coaches but we also encourage you to invite college coaches to attend if you want them to see you at the Showcase and/or throughout the weekend. A list of the coaches who committed to recruit at the 2016 Shamrock Festival is available on the College Coaches page. All college coaches who register with us in advance will receive free Recruiting Guides and free Tournament Programs when they arrive at the Berglund Center (Roanoke Civic Center).


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